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Technical Information    

This page contains links to many of our resources and technical information.
Click on the html links to view page online or click on the pdf* links to view the Adobe Acrobat PDF versions.
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Technical Notes:
Concerning the Measurement of P-well and N-well Surfaces
  Converting Resistivity to Carrier Concentration - JavaScript Calculator.
Converting Resistivity to Carrier Concentration - Graph
  Depth Resolution - JavaScript Calculator.
The Desirability of Dedicated Spreading Resistance Test Patterns
  SRA Tutorial: Determination of Diffusion Characteristics Using 2&4 Point Probe Measurements
Doping Type Determination
Dose, Sheet and 4 Point Probe
  Electrically Active and Inactive Phosphorus - a SRA and SIMS comparison
  Epi Resistivity as an Indication of Silane Purity
  Gallery of Four Point Probe Measurements
  How Big a Pattern Do We Need For SRA?
  How Do We Calculate Carrier Concentration?
  Maximum Depth of Interest and Related Matters
  Profiling Poly
SRP and SIMS New!
  Profiling Rough Surfaces
  Profiling Rough Surfaces (Expanded)
Sampling Volume Correction
Using Our Poisson Solver to Calculate Dopant Profiles

  Seminar in Power Point Dec 2007
  Corporate Seminar Nov 2004
  Corporate Seminar June 2003

  August 2006
  August 2005
  30th Anniversary 2005
  December 2001
  November 1999

Published Papers: *
A Poisson Solver for SRA (© AVS 1992)
  Geometric Effects Contributing To Anticipation Of The Bevel Edge In Spreading Resistance Profiling (© Solecon Labs 1995)New!
Developments in Ultrashallow SRA (© AVS 2002)
* Where possible, we ask that you support the technical community by purchasing a copy using the JVST link. Then click the pdf link to get the updated versions of the papers.

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