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Posted by Dan ( on November 11, 2010 at 16:09:30:

In Reply to: Ask for SRA posted by William Lai on November 10, 2010 at 21:34:09:

: We are interesting in your high resolution Spreading Resistance Analysis System and there are some questions as below:
: 1. If our sample is test wafer and desired depth is only 0.1um (of course, angles shallower than 400:1). How many points could we get by highest resolution? (1 point every 0.0017 microns?).
: 2. How much charge (including ultra-shallow technique surcharge) for this technical service?

: Thanks for your reply in advance!

And thank you for your interest. It looks like you have already found the depth resolution calculator on our technical page. We can get up to 60 points in 0.1um using our shallowest angle and our smallest stepping increment. (1 point every 1.7nm) However we may not want that much resolution. There is a certain amount of mechanical noise in the data collection process. Too much resolution causes the mechanical noise to get amplified by our data reduction system.

Our charges are varied enough that we ask people to use the estimate request form. Include how many samples and their type: non-patterned or if patterned the pattern dimensions. The estimate form allows for analysis request forms or other documentation to be attached so that we get enough information to provide a valid estimate. Or you are welcome to send samples in and we will give you an estimate after we look them over.

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