Question about Bismuth

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Posted by Lee,DongKyu ( on June 28, 2005 at 00:21:08:

I have two questions.

First question is...

My sample is bismuth implanted silicon wafer. (bismuth 7keV 1E15/cm^2 implanted sample) As I know, bismuth has the low equilibrium solid solubility limit (8*10^17 cm^-3 at 1320”ĘC) in Si single crystal.

So if I analyze my samples with SRP, then I think the results would be bad. What I mean is the concentration will maybe almost 1018 or below 1018. What do you think about it?

Second question is...

When I anneal the samples, likely native oxide will be formed on the surface.

So when I send the samples, should I remove it or just leave it?

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